Seagate Launches 12TB Hard Drives Aimed at Consumers

With game file sizes becoming bigger and bigger, and demanding more storage, it’s always exciting to see larger hard drives launching. Seagate has, once again, come to the rescue with its new 12TB consumer-level hard drives. 

Of course, 12TB is a little overkill for the average gamer. These drives are really aimed at more hardcore content creators and those with home servers… But still, wouldn’t it be cool to have every single game you own on a single hard drive?!

There are three Seagate 12TB hard drives available, with each targeting a different user:

  • Barracuda Pro Compute for desktops and entry-level direct-attached storage enclosures
  • IronWolf NAS for 1-8 bay home, SOHO, and SMB NAS enclosures
  • IronWolf Pro NAS for 1-16 bay creative professional and SME NAS enclosures

The Barrcuda Pro Compute is priced at $430, the IronWolf NAS costs $390, and the IronWolf Pro NAS will set users back $440.

Will you be picking up a large HDD any time soon?

Source: AnandTech via NeoGAF

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