Shadow Warrior 3 Gameplay Trailer Slices Out One Last Time Before Launch

Shadow Warrior 3 Gameplay Trailer

Before its launch next week, Flying Wild Hog is serving up one nasty slice of action-packed footage one last time with the Shadow Warrior 3 gameplay trailer! Check out Lo Wang in action below before the game releases next Tuesday, March 1.

Shadow Warrior 3 finds Lo Wang and his former employer turned nemesis turned sidekick Orochi Zilla embarking on an improbable mission to recapture an ancient dragon they unwillingly unleashed from its eternal prison. Armed with a punishing mix of blades and bullets, Lo Wang must traverse uncharted parts of the world to track down the dark beast and push the apocalypse back yet again. All it will take is the mask of a dead god, a dragon’s egg, a touch of magic, and enough firepower to tear down the encroaching Shadowlands.

Leving aside the kickass gameplay trailer, Shadow Warrior 3 is now up for pre-orders across all platforms, and players who choose to do so will receive the exclusive Koromodako Katana – a weapon so great they gave it eight legs. Console players who purchase the game will also receive the game’s two prequels: Shadow Warrior and Shadow Warrior 2, essentially completing your collection in one purchase!

In case you missed it, check out in-depth new gameplay footage for Shadow Warrior 3 here, in addition to the announcement that it will be coming on launch as a PlayStation Now title!

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