Sifu Matrix Mod Recreates Classic Agent Smith Clones Fight

Sifu Matrix Mod

A new Sifu Matrix mod has been made, and it recreates one of the most classic action cinema moments, as it showcases the fight between Neo and the every-replicating Agent Smiths in Matrix Reloaded! Check out the mod in action below.

This Sifu Matrix mod replaces your character with that of Neo, while pitting him against an army of Agent Smiths, essentially recreating The Matrix Reloaded’s most iconic scene. The mod itself looks incredibly clean, with much attention given even to the smallest details, including that awesome billowing of Neo’s iconic cloak.

If you’re interested in checking out the mod for yourself, you can download it via NexusMods. Created by user Halfmillz, this mod is part of many that they used in this specific instance; you will also need the ‘Agent Smith to All Enemies‘ mod which does just what the name implies. Why stop there, as you can also replace the sound effects with the ones used in The Matrix to give that authentic feel, and play the original accompanying music like that shown in the video.

In case you missed it, check out the latest patch notes for Sifu here, which added a Mandarin Chinese VO to the game.

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