Sledgehammer: Fans Wouldn’t Be as Excited If We Were Doing Advanced Warfare 2 Rather Than Call of Duty: WWII

call of duty advanced warfare 2

In case you didn’t know, Sledgehammer Games, the studio developing the soon-to-be-released Call of Duty: WWII, developed Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare back in 2014. While some people might assume that a sequel would be the next logical step for the studio, it threw a curve ball by announcing a “boots on the ground” entry in the franchise with COD: WWII.

Speaking to TrustedReviews, Michael Condrey, co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, mentioned that it’s challenging trying to predict what the gaming public wants in three years (which is your standard Call of Duty development cycle for each studio), and being able to predict the trends in entertainment. He also adds that fans wouldn’t be this excited for this year’s Call of Duty game if it was Advanced Warfare 2 rather than COD: WWII.

That conversation will come about what we do next. Like coming out of Advanced Warfare, we’ll listen to fans, and coming out of November 3 it’ll be great to hear what fans love and where there’s opportunities to continue to improve the game. But we haven’t started that process yet, but it’ll be an interesting one, because coming out of Advanced Warfare it would have been natural for us to do Advanced Warfare 2, however I think we can all agree if we were doing Advanced Warfare 2 right now fans wouldn’t be as excited.

Is Condrey correct? Would fans not be as receptive to this year’s Call of Duty game if it was Advanced Warfare 2? I know I’m in that camp since I’m pretty much burned out of jetpacks and whatnot.

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