Smite Twitch Drops for October Revealed

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With the month of October now here, Hi-Rez Studios has something special planned for its community whom enjoys watching it’s Smite Pro League streams.

Throughout the month of October, those who happen to tune in to Hi-Rez’s Twitch channel while they’re broadcasting the various pro leagues for its free-to-play MOBA, Smite, Will have a chance to earn some of Smite’s most desired Halloween themed skins, such as Frankenhotep for Osirus and Aphra Cadabra  for Aphrodite.

For the full list of what you can earn for this month’s Twitch drops, simply view the provided video above.

It should be noted that only Chiron’s and Kuzenbo’s skins are the only direct purchasable skins for this month, with the rest of skins such as Feline Fashion for Awilix being only available in a exclusive chest.

Aside from new skins being available in this month Twitch drops, those playing Smite on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms will be greeted by an update prompt the next time you boot up Smite. For the full list of what this patch brings with it, feel free to visit the patch notes here.