SMITE Update 11.42 May 22 Released and Here’s What It Does

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While Hi-Rez Studios released the big Final Boss update to SMITE just a few days ago, the SMITE update 11.42 May 22 patch has been deployed just now. Given we’re not getting the bonus update until next month, this one is purely for fixes — though one that’s much needed.

SMITE update 11.42 May 22 patch notes:

According to the SMITE Twitter account, this hotfix is to address the Friends List issue.

Checking the official SMITE Trello board, here’s what it says regarding that bug (which i states is now fixed):


Fix for friends list not showing until interacting with search.

Note that the PC version got this hotfix as well. It seems this is the only thing included in this SMITE update 11.42 May 22 patch, which is to be expected given the big update we got earlier this week that added new content, gameplay-related changes and more.

If you spot any changes that affect gameplay or squashes bugs not mentioned above, leave a comment below to let the other SMITE players know.

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