SMITE Update 11.45 June 19 Released for Consoles, Here Are the Fixes

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While SMITE players just got the big “The Great Dreamer” update just a few days ago, Hi-Rez Studios has released the SMITE update 11.45 June 19 patch, and as one might expect given this is the second patch we’ve gotten in the same week, this is purely for fixes.

SMITE update 11.45 June 19 patch notes:


Fix for Rama camera zoomed in after using Ult.
Ao Kuang camera zoom after using Ult (same issue as Rama, though different fix)

That’s basically it. According to the official SMITE Trello board, some of the top issues brought by The Great Dreamer update such as Cthulhu sometimes turning invisible is still being investigated. Other changes being planned for the next update includes “10 mastery avatar is not in game,” and “Cthulhu pantheon icon showing Chinese in match lobby,” These are marked as “fixed in future release” so players will be glad to know that the next patch should include these fixes.

If there are more changes included in this SMITE Update 11.45 June 19 patch, we’ll update the post. If you spot any, share ’em down below in the comments.

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