SMITE Update 11.63 December 18 Patch Deployed Today

SMITE Update 11.93

While Hi-Rez Studios just released the big The Legendary Tanuki update earlier this week, the studio has released the SMITE update 11.63 December 18 patch today! Given the bonus update isn’t due until December 29, this patch has been released more for technical/gameplay fixes that are critical to the game’s balance.

SMITE Update 11.63 December 18 P Patch Notes:

These are the changes listed by Hi-Rez on the official SMITE Trello board as part of the “incoming hotfix.”

  • Dreadbeard Poseidon skin disabled due to major hitbox issue with ability 1
  • Muting players from the scoreboard not working for consoles
  • EOML – MMR gain/loss does not displaying correctly after a Ranked game
  • EOML – Masters and Grandmasters players not displaying any UI for MMR/TP gains and losses
  • Ymir – Ice Wall cannot be cast over walls
  • Danzaburou – Passive icons not always tracking on UI/Buff properly
  • Danzaburou – Passive losing power on death
  • Danzaburou – Server crash condition involving deployable collision proxies

In addition to that, there was also a server patch released on December 16 which has the following fix:

  • Fixed players crash on relaunch after having just crashed at end of match lobby.

Note that we can’t say that all the items listed above have been touched in today’s new SMITE patch, but that’s what’s listed and given Danzaburou is part of it, I suspect this is why it was rolled out ASAP.

Same as before, if you spot any gameplay-related changes not mentioned above, feel free to share them down in the comments below.

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