SMITE Update 11.70 February 26 Released

SMITE Update 11.70 February 26

While gods and goddesses just got a new SMITE patch earlier this week that brought in Tiamat and a host of other stuff, Hi-Rez Studios has released the SMITE update 11.70 February 26 patch! As expected, this patch has been rolled out for fixes.

SMITE Update 11.70 February 26 Patch Notes:

Here’s Hi-Rez Sudios’ latest announcement regarding today’s patch:

  • Smite: We are investigating an acquisition issue with the Season Pass 2021
  • Smite: The team is still hard at work nailing down the intermittent issues affecting logins after this morning’s maintenance.

In addition to that, the Hi-Rez support Twitter has also acknowledged crossplay issues and says it’s now resolved

Finally, there is also maintenance happening on Monday and thi is to fix the missing content in the Season Pass 2021 as well.

Divine Deities!

We’ll be performing maintenance on Monday at 9am ET to address recent lobby issues. We expect it to take a couple of hours.

Once maintenance is done, purchasers of the Season Pass 2021 should receive their missing content, as well

If there are any gameplay-related changes in this or technical fixes that’s announced, we’ll update the post.

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