Someone Has Computed How Much It Costs to Buy All the Marvel’s Avengers Cosmetic Items

Marvel's Avengers Cosmetic

Marvel’s Avengers have seen its fair share of ups and downs, but throughout it all there are its cosmetics, with some earnable through play and a chunk of them purchaseable through a marketplace. If you don’t like grinding for your swag, then you may have once or twice considered purchasing these cosmetics; but have you ever wondered just how much it will cost to own them all? A Reddit user took that question to heart, with their research showing a total price for all Marvel’s Avengers cosmetic items.

The Reddit user shared his findings on the thread, stating:

Was bored so I added up everything that’s for sale (disregarding bundles) as of right now. Completionists would have to pay 331,750 credits (i.e. 3,317.50 USD/EUR) to unlock everything.

It’s worth noting that this price is not set in stone, as Marvel’s Avengers is a live service game, meaning that it will continue to receive new updates – including new cosmetics – in the future. However, if you’ve got $3,400 to spare, then you can own every single purchaseable cosmetic item, barring all of the bundles.

What do you think? Is the price for all the cosmetic items for Marvel’s Avengers as high as you expected? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks, saali22 !

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Last Blade
2 years ago

They should have made a X-Men game instead imo

Reply to  Last Blade
2 years ago

When they dediced to make this game Xmen was still owned by Fox.

William Bateham
2 years ago

First you buy the game, then have to buy ever little upgrade. Disney at its best.

James Cheatham
Reply to  William Bateham
2 years ago

I don’t think this is Disney’s doing, for once.

Matthew Niece
Reply to  William Bateham
2 years ago

No one.. literally no one… says u have to. Chill out Chad.

2 years ago

I mean technically cosmetic items don’t help out your gameplay so I don’t see much point in buying them.

Cloudsley Falconbridge
2 years ago

Back in the day, you could just earn the accessories by whipping the game’s butt. Now, you have to break the bank

Sonic Shogun
2 years ago

possono crepare male per quanto mi riguarda!

(google translate it if you want, it’s italian)

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