Report: Sony No Longer Supplying Digital Codes for Games to Retailers

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Do you go to GameStop or other physical shops to buy games digitally? If so, that might be ending really soon. Over on Twitter, trusted video game insider Wario64 has obtained a memo proclaiming that Sony will no longer provide full game digital download codes to retailers starting April 1, 2019!

Over on Reddit, a screenshot of the email purportedly sent to GameStop is also making the rounds, which you can read below. We’ve also screencaptured it in case it gets pulled.

Sony no longer allowing Digital games to be sold at retailers

sony digital game codes

Given it’s set to take effect on April 1, 2019, there’s a chance that this is an April Fool’s joke, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t. We’ve contacted Sony and will update the story if we get a response.

Is this a big deal for you or do you buy your digital games on PSN anyway?

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3 thoughts on “Report: Sony No Longer Supplying Digital Codes for Games to Retailers

    1. Some of them offer very good perks. I bought a PS4 Pro using credits earned from using Amazon’s chase credit card for example to buy digital game codes as well as normal things.

  1. Good riddance those are finally disappearing.I usually don’t comment much on this site anymore, but this topic is such a frustrating one due to one reason and one reason alone: These cards never get their price updated.

    It could be like a year later, the game both on disc and digital have dropped in price already, but these digital card codes stay at $60. Once, I saw a game that was both $20 on disc and even on the digital store (without a sale going on) and then there’s the card on the shelf saying $60.

    I’m sure when you bought them, they lowered the price to price match the physical version or if you showed them a picture of how much it cost in the digital store, but I”m sure that confused a lot of buyers, such as parents buying games for their kid or just people that don’t know exactly how old one game actually is. And I know gamers, such as myself, that know a thing or two about games, steered clear as far as possible from these digital cards.

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