Sony Sending Out PlayStation 2018 Recap Emails With 3 Free Themes and Here’s What They Look Like

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Christmas might be over, but Sony is still in a giving mood! The publisher is now sending emails that rounds up your PlayStation 2018 recap of how many games you played, hours played, and the Trophies you earned! What’s even more exciting is, this email has a code for PS4 free themes!

I’ve received the email myself. and here’s what you’ll see (stats will be different, of course):

Note that the themes Sony is giving away are all dynamic PS4 themes, and not static. Here’s what each looks like:

Year End Sketch Theme:

Year End Map Theme

Year End City Theme

Out of the lot, I’d say my favorite is the Sketch one given it’s super minimal, and drawing noise effect has a rather soothing effect on me. The map one will no doubt remind people of Uncharted which might be Sony’s entire point.

Check your inbox, Spam folders, people! Sony is giving away free stuff!