Sony’s Sandbox Zombie Survival MMO “H1Z1” Debuts Tonight, First Screenshots Released

Sony Entertainment Online is set to announce their brand-new post-apocalyptic sandbox zombie survival MMO, “H1Z1” later tonight.

Though, here’s a small glimpse of what you can expect to see.

H1Z1 2

H1Z1 1


GameTalkLive, a gaming talk show on TwitchTV, tweeted earlier today that they would be showcasing the game later tonight.

By The looks of the screenshots, it seems that it’s going to be very familiar with DayZ. So far, the title has only been confirmed for the PC. However, recent SOE titles being ported to the PS4 (Planetside 2, DC Universe), it would come to no surprise if the title hits the PS4 in the future and will be  free-to-play, like most others.

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