Sony Stealthily Rolls Out a Set of New PlayStation Store Discounted Games, Most Don’t Require PS+

New PSN "Games Under $15" Sale

While we already listed down the big list of games discounted by Sony this week, it seems the company has a new set of games that are available for a limited time at discounted prices. What makes this even better is, most of them don’t even require an active PlayStation Plus membership!

Thanks to Reddit user endsutry1994, the entire list of PlayStation Store discounted games that went live just this week can be seen below along with links leading to the browser version of the PSN Store!

Note that with the sale being unannounced, there’s no telling when the prices will go back up for the titles listed, so best get them now while you still can.

In other Sony news, the company is celebrating the PS4’s fifth year anniversary! Check out this infograph for some impressive sales figures and to know which games are the all-time best-sellers!​

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