SoulCalibur VI Geralt Showcase Talks About Character Moves, and More

soulcalibur vi geralt

If you haven’t played any of The Witcher games (shame on you!), you might not know who Geralt of Rivia is. He’s a “witcher,” someone who slays monsters for a living, and is an expert swordsman, and also dabbles in magic.

Now, if you’re a SoulCalibur VI fan, you ought to know that Geralt is coming to fight! In case you missed the announcement, there’s now a new video specifically showcasing Geralt in SoulCalibur VI! Check out CD Projekt RED talking about how Geralt fits into the SoulCalibur universe, how they even brought in the original motion capture actor just for this guest appearance and more.

He should fit in quite nicely, no? Geralt does have the advantage of being able to use his signs powers, but somehow, I don’t think that’ll give him a super big advantage.

SoulCalibur VI is set to slice out sometime this year.

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