Spellbreak Day One Update Arrives Just in Time For Launch

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Spellbreak, a battle royale themed game centered around the usage of magical spells has officially launched today, and with it comes a hefty day one update that introduces a number of changes and features.Read on for Speallbreak day one update patch notes!

At launch, players will be able to experience cross-play along with cross-progression across all available hardwares.

“Today marks the beginning of a new era in multiplayer gaming. The team worked incredibly hard to deliver one of the first-ever simultaneous cross-platform, cross-play, and cross-progression launches,” said Seth Sivak, CEO of Proletariat.  “Spellbreak’s unique combat and innovative gameplay will be available for all players to play with whoever they want, on whatever platform they want, regardless of hardware choice.”

Spellbreak gameplay trailer

Spellbreak Day One Update Patch Notes

Database Wipe

In order for everyone to start on even footing, we’ve wiped game data from beta. If you’ve previously purchased a Founder’s Pack or received a promotional Outfit (Hollow, Treeline, Forebear, etc), you’ll still have it in your Collection. Rewards earned from progression have been reset, however. This will be the last wipe we’ll be doing, so have fun ranking up and earning those juicy rewards!


  • All new and returning players are required to create a Spellbreak account in order to play.
  • You can now play Spellbreak on Microsoft Xbox One and Nintendo Switch!
  • There’s now a Spellbreak account that you can link your Epic, Playstation, Switch, and Xbox to and it will share progression across ALL platforms!
  • Friends can be added via their Spellbreak account ID.
  • Trophies are now available on Playstation and Achievements on Xbox.

Game Mode and Servers

  • For release, we have the following server regions available:
    • US East
    • US West
    • EU
    • South America
    • Australia
    • Japan
  • Each server will feature Squads exclusively at launch with Solos and Duos returning at a later time.


  • Spellbreak’s store is now live! Featuring a rotating set of items, you can now buy and spend gold to deck yourself out in the latest battlemage finery.
  • Players with Founder’s Packs will automatically receive all of their in-game rewards.
  • The Gold store also features a Starter Pack that you can purchase that comes with 600 Gold and a rare Bewitching Glimmer outfit.

Account Progression

  • Class Mastery now has 20 levels and you can earn a variety of cosmetics and gold for leveling up. As a part of this, the rewards have been restructured somewhat from previous patches.
  • Mage Rank now goes to 100 with a number of Badges as well as gold rewards all along the way.

Spellbreak Day One Update Gameplay Changes

  • We’ve temporarily turned off the Shadowstep and Chronomaster Runes.
    • This isn’t due to any balance concerns, so they’ll be back soon enough!
  • Increased the speed/distance of Springstep Rune by 100%, but increased its cooldown at all rarities by 0.5 seconds.
    • Springstep needed a little more … spring in its step. This makes it MUCH stronger, so we had to tone down its cooldown just a smidge.
  • Tempest’s Updraft now bounces 20% higher.
    • We wanted to make Tempest’s in-air capabilities easier to pull off. Note that this increase also applies to subsequent bounces on top of tornadoes as well.
  • Tempest’s Wind Surge’s horizontal impulse has been increased by 15%.
    • We heard you loud and clear on this one. Tempest’s horizontal abilities weren’t up to snuff and felt kind of kludgy to use. Now with more bounce to the ounce!
  • Electrifying a cloud or puddle no longer increases its duration.
    • Another bug, but it was possible to have things linger around for a long time if you kept “refreshing” them.
  • Lightning Strike should now properly target airborne foes.
  • Fixed Pyromancer’s Pyrolysis so that it now does a consistent amount of damage.
  • Fixed a number of sorcery targeting reticles to better match with the visual and gameplay effects.
  • Fixed a number of effects visual FX to better line up.


  • We’re introduced some very broad matchmaking rules so that new players will play against other new players and have a smoother on-ramp to the Hollow Lands.

Art, Animation, and Sound

  • Gauntlet models have been standardized across rarities.
    • This is to give us room down the line to further differentiate gauntlet art.
  • All outfits should animate properly when doing an emote or triumph
  • Added animations for sliding down unwalkable surfaces.
  • Sound effects have been added to numerous menus and UIs.
  • Added sounds to the storm, including when it’s stationary, when it’s moving, when it’s nearby, and when the player is in it.
  • Tamped down the very aggressive “armor break” sound.
  • Players no longer hear ambient audio when tabbed out of the game.
  • Each of the following have been heavily polished and in some cases redesigned: Dustpool, Gritfield, Stonetooth Mountain, Hymnwood, Ruby Grove, Deadmoss, Fort Halcyon, and Shadowgrace.
  • Increased loot spawns across the map.
  • Many types of trees have been added and updated.
  • Each area’s fog has been customized to better suit the ambiance.
  • Improved performance through updated static mesh LODs, HLODs and landscape LODs and reduced component painting.
  • Cleaned up lots of errant collisions on various decor.
  • Removed a bunch of magical items that seemed to have embedded themselves in various solid objects or were hovering above the ground.

Spellbreak Day One Update Miscellaneous

  • When a player is banned, they now get immediate feedback on why they were banned. (Please don’t make us show you this screen.)
  • Added the ability to view blocked players and unblock them if desired.
  • Added the ability to change the camera view when looking at artifacts in the collection screen
  • Added ability to skip out-of-match tutorials.
  • Recent Teammates now populates with party members from recently played multiplayer matches.


Like I said at the start, this section could be much longer but opted to collapse a lot of them and ignore a bunch more.

  • Fixed a number of text alignment, wrapping, and other formatting bugs.
  • Fixed numerous localization bugs.
  • Fixed an issue where Push to Talk wasn’t the default voice chat setting for PC.
    • If you’re trying to use voice comms like you did in beta, make sure you check your PTT setting!
  • Fixed a bug causing the aiming reticle for Toxic Cloud to jitter when the player is falling.
  • It’s no longer possible to exile yourself and your teammates for double/triple exile accolades.
  • Fixed a few bugs where an incorrect outfit, portrait, or badge would show up.
  • Fixed issues with invisible/unequippable loot sometimes spawning.

Spellbreak is now available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned for our hands-on review in the coming weeks!

Source: Spellbreak Blog