Splinter Cell 2018 Listed on Amazon

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Oh, boy! Here we go! It could be nothing or it could entirely be something, but a new Splinter Cell game is now listed on Amazon! It’s simply titled “Splinter Cell 2018,” and that’s basically it. There’s no placeholder box art, no game details, no placeholder release date, no nothing.

Is this part of Ubisoft’s big surprise for this year’s E3? Given how the publisher usually brings a big gun or two to end the show, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is. And it’s not like Amazon is like the other retailers that post game listings willy-nilly

Here’s a screenshot of it just in case the listing gets pulled:

The last Splinter Cell game that saw release at retail was Splinter Cell Blacklist, which was released way back in 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC. And it featured the game’s better-than-expected multiplayer mode, “Spies vs Mercs.” If a new Splinter Cell is indeed planned for a reveal at this year’s E3, it’ll join the official reveal of the recently-confirmed The Division 2, as AAA games that will get official debuts at this year’s E3 by the publisher.

Is this an erroneous listing? Did Amazon let the cat out of the bag? We’ve contacted Ubisoft to seek for clarification, and will update the post if we get a response.