Splitgate Servers Down for Optimization, Devs Tease Tuesday Update


Players hoping to jump in on the open beta of Splitgate tonight may be saddened to hear that the servers are down for some planned optimizations as the developers have confirmed that they are preparing for the release this Tuesday.

Announcing on their Twiiter account, Splitgate has been taken offline for the night in order for developers to prepare the servers something coming on Tuesday. While no exact details as to what is happening on Tuesday was provided, the studio did promise that we would hear more about it later tomorrow, or today depending on where you live.

Update (7/26/2021): Here’s the latest update from the studio, regarding the Tuesday roll out of the servers and whatnot:

The servers will be completely down until Tuesday for those wondering.

Earlier today they mentioned that servers were taking long to get into due to the amount of growth (users) they were getting.

If we were to take a guess, perhaps this announcement is related to server increases, though we would also bet on potentially more content getting revealed. Guess we won’t know until later today, till then stay-tuned!

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About Splitgate:

Splitgate is a free-to-play, fast-paced multiplayer shooter that features player-controlled portals. This sci-fi shooter takes the FPS genre to a new dimension with its portal mechanics, delivering high-flying, multi-dimensional combat. Evoking memories of the most revered shooters of the past two decades, Splitgate embraces the classic and familiar feel of close-quarters combat while adding a unique twist. IGN describes Splitgate as “Halo meets Portal.”

Update: A message from the developers via Discord

Our servers are now closed until Tuesday. We know many of you weren’t able to play as much as you wanted, but we promise it’ll be worth it. So make sure to keep an eye out for our big announcement tomorrow morning!:wink: Thanks to YOU here’s what Splitgate achieved merely in BETA!

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