Splitgate Update 1.21 Patch Notes; Shoots Out for 6.2.0 This March 31

splitgate update 1.21

1047 Games has released the Splitgate update 1.21 patch today, and this one is for Update 6.2.0 which brings a significant number of changes and fixes to the game. Check out the full Splitgate March 31 update patch notes below.

Splitgate Update 1.21 Patch Notes | Splitgate Update 6.2.0 Patch Notes | Splitgate March 31 Update Patch Notes:


– Karman Station added back into regular playlist rotation after many months away (finally!)

– Karman Station performance and lighting optimizations on console


– Removed exploit of “portal ripping”

– Server & network optimizations

– CPU optimizations

– Optimized weapon pickup zone distance

– Removed jetpack animations for far away players to improve overall performance

– Additional improvements that are super technical but help performance


– Fixed hitching when viewing shaders for the first time on PC


– Improved issue where there were frame drops when GPU bottlenecked

– Capped FPS properly for smoother performance

– Fixed low latency frame syncing

– Decreased client net send move rate

– Now updating world scoreboards less frequently

– Decreased replay recording rate

– Improved character and pickup zone optimizations


– Fixed pillars and flags (different sizes with different colors)

– Instant kill volume

– Blocking volume

– Added ability to Save Map As while inside of a game

– Now showing object counts – global and individual – users total budget and current number used

– Added ability to delete while in build menu

– Added local thumbnails for created maps

– Shortened time required to delete an object

– Added option to disable auto save

– Added display coordinates of object user interacts with

– Portals now cast shadows when users have Shadow setting on High or Ultra


– Added wind effect to show when you are moving at lethal speed (AKA one-hit melee kill)

– Changed EMP explosion effect and added an animation to portal walls when hit

– Improved enemy character meshes to improve performance

– Fixed issue where enemy characters were animating through walls even though they couldn’t be seen

– Ally characters no longer animating while outside of camera view

– Projectiles now get destroyed properly in killcam post-scrub

– Network optimized sprays

– No longer rendering portal launchers through walls

– Jetpack flame meshes optimized

– Characters no longer animating outside of spectators camera view

– Ragdolls stop being ragdolls after death

– Other ragdoll optimizations, because, like they’re dead so we don’t care about them as much as the ones still shooting at you

– Fixed animation issue with Maximus Jetpack

– Additional optimizations that are super technical but = improved performance

That’s it for this latest patch for Splitgate. Stay tuned here at MP1st for future updates on the game and more!

Source: Reddit

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