Star Ocean: The Second Story Remake Leaked by Square Enix as Official Logo Surfaces

star ocean the second story remake

A remake for Square Enix’s action RPG, Star Ocean: The Second Story, has just been leaked, and by the company itself no less. The existence of the Star Ocean: The Second Story remake was revealed through an image found on the official Square Enix website, featuring the logo of the supposed remake, aptly titled “Star Ocean: The Second Story R.”

Here’s the logo in question:

The image has since been taken down (you can find the now-defunct link here), but not before it was saved and then shared across social media.

It’s worth noting that the original sequel technically already received a remake in “Star Ocean: Second Evolution” back in 2008. Second Evolution was originally made available for PSP but was also released exclusively in Japan in 2015 for PS4 and PS Vita. Why the remake is named “The Second Story R” instead of “Second Evolution R” is anyone’s guess.

We don’t really know anything else about The Second Story R just yet as only its logo has leaked thus far. Still, the confirmation of a remake for the sequel is already good news for fans of the series. Once we learn more about this upcoming remake, we’ll keep you posted.

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3 months ago

What, “Star Ocean the 2nd Story” was the 1st game i ever beat completely on my own as a kid, i hope this is true and not a rumour.

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