Star Wars Battlefront 2 1HP Hack on PC Is Making Lobbies Unplayable; EA Issues Response

star wars battlefront 2 1hp hack

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is undergoing quite the troublesome time on PC, as there is currently a 1HP hack that is making games and lobbies completely unplayable. This hack makes it so that players will not go below 1HP, effectively making them invincible, and in turn making games hell for some Star Wars Battlefront 2 players.

You can find several instances of the hack in action in this video. As BattlefrontUpdates also explains, it appears that the hack is only present on PC, where somehow some players managed to exploit a developer mode that turns the player invincible. It also appears that the hack travels like a virus between servers, meaning that even a server with no hacker present could have these 1HP hack invincible players.

Concerned players took to Reddit in order to share these issues, and you can see the ensuing thread below:

The Current State of Battlefront 2 from StarWarsBattlefront

In response, an EA community manager had this to say:

Would just like to make it known that we are aware of the issues going on within and around the game right now, I, unfortunately, don’t have any further updates but please know that it’s on the radar.
Sorry for the inconvenience folks,

At the time of writing, it appears that there are still some seervers that are currently experiencing these hacks and glitches. However, in quite the timely fashion, some dedicated players have since officially launched the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Kyber private servers, which could be a good alternative if you want to play the game on PC and not risk having to play with hackers.

Source: Reddit

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  1. Oh well thank god they know its happening … at least they told us finally that they do not care. Use that little flag on the steam store page maybe they would care then ?

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