Star Wars Battlefront II Producer Claims “Loot Boxes Are Sometimes a Necessity”

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Following the recent controversies surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II, in addition to the increased negativity about loot boxes in general, a lot players have been waiting to see how exactly EA would respond to the microtransactions backlash. 

In an interview with Angry Joe, Battlefront II producer Paul Keslin explained how he thinks that “loot boxes are sometimes a necessity.”

“Loot crates are sometimes a necessity to allow players to gain access to some of those customization options … We’ll look to influence that a bit more post-launch, but right now that’s the direction we have. But with player feedback, and once we’ve gotten the core down and the basics down with LucasFilm for launch, we can start exploring a lot more afterwards.”

Angry Joe continued by asking why microtransactions even need to be in a $60 game, to which Kesslin responded:

“There’s a few reasons. It allows us to give players an opportunity to hopefully try things that they’re not normally going to try. We’ve seen at EA in some games past, if you allow players to single-mindedly focus on a certain path, they’ll try two or three things that they like, and then not engage with the rest of the game and then they might stop playing the game early … We would prefer our players to play our games for a long time to come — we’ve put a lot of time and effort and love into these things, we want to make sure people keep playing them.”

The full video interview lasts 30 minutes, and can be watched below:

Has your opinion changed about the loot boxes found within Star Wars Battlefront II?

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Source: AngryJoeShow (YouTube) via GameRevolution