Here’s Our First Look at the Star Wars Battlefront II New Loot Crates

battlefront 2 loot box controversy

Just a few days ago, EA released a statement letting players know that the Star Wars Battlefront II progression and loot crate system are getting significant changes to make it more player-friendly, rather than “wallet-friendly.”

Well, as it turns out we don’t even need to wait until the game’s November 17 release to see how these new and improved loot crates will look like! Over on Reddit, a quick video gives us a peek of what kind of stuff is included in each loot crate. 

New Updated Crate Footage! Reveals new items!!! from StarWarsBattlefront

Possibly the big change evident here is how we’re given 60 Crafting Parts as opposed to the usual 20 that was given out during the beta. Then again, EA has said that progression was intentionally gimped in the beta, so maybe more Crafting Parts per crate was the real plan all along?

Speaking of loot boxes, EA CEO Andrew Wilson has mentioned that loot boxes are a conversation “not specific to Battlefront II,” and adds that feedback from the beta was “very positive.” There’s also new gameplay footage that shows us Yoda and Kylo Ren out now, too.

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