Star Wars Battlefront II Progression Was “Slowed” in the Beta and Credits Were Capped According to EA

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In the recently-concluded Star Wars Battlefront II beta, players earned XP as well as in-game currency to use for buying loot crates and unlocking items. For some people, they might have thought that the XP earn rate was a tad too slow, or maybe the credits given each match was too little? If so, you’re in for some good news!

According to the official EA Star Wars Twitter account, the progression was slowed in the beta, and credits were capped! This was in response to a fan asking about the missions available in the beta.

This is definitely welcome news for some (including me)! I assumed the credits cap was final, but confirmation that we can earn more per match is welcome news, no? 

With EA saying they’re “continuing to listen” to fan feedback regarding Battlefront II, let’s hope some other stuff are ironed out, and we won’t have to worry about loot crates, and grinding for XP at all.

Are you happy with this news or would this mean that players would reach the level cap too quickly?