Star Wars Battlefront Developer Says Original Game “Lacked Long-Term Goals,” Sequel “Breaks New Ground”

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Coming together for an interview with PlayStation, developers from the three studios working on Star Wars Battlefront II sat down for a chat about the next installment. 

The 20-minute interview can be watched below. Craig McLeod of DICE, Mark Thompson of Motive, and Matt Webster of Criterion first reflect on the 2015 franchise reboot, before turning their focus to Battlefront II and what’s next for players. 

The developers explain that something they are “really trying to make sure [they] nail in this new game” is to give players “long-term goals.”

DICE producer Craig McLeod described how ambitious Battlefront II is: “The ambition here that we’ve managed to achieve is something I never thought would be able to be realized when I worked in games. I am just incredibly proud of that.”

Star Wars Battlefront II is set to launch on November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

Are you looking forward to the game and achieving some of those “long-term goals?”

Source: GameSpot, DualShockers