Starhawk Beta Update 1.2.9 – Skill System Launches with a Stats/Level Reset

Those who are in the Starhawk Beta are soon to be greeted with another update.

Earlier today, Lightbox Interactive deployed a new update that will not only fix certain bugs and issues, but will also add the long awaited skill system. Dylan Jobe, President of LightBox Interactive, stated on Twitter that the current skill system is a  “work-in-progress” and that the team is “looking forward to hearing your feedback”. It should be noted that skills and ranks will be reset like usual so that they may collect data on the latest of update along with how the skill system is handling.

Dylan Jobe also commented on concerns over the skill system being more like a perk system. “Oh trust us — we’re aware of how ‘perk’ systems can adversely affect games. Starhawk’s is different.” he said, ” Hopefully for the better!”

You can read more about the new update on the official site.

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