Starhawk Early Public Beta Coming to PS+, Patch 1.2, and Future Patches

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Dylan Jobe gives details about the upcoming Starhawk public Beta and how you can get in along with details about 1.2 patch and upcoming ones.

If your a part of the few selected players who participated in the closed Beta, there is some good news for early access. Dylan Jobe states that all closed beta players are automatically part of the public Beta once it launches; however, he advises that you do not delete the game off your HDD as it could potentially disqualify you. No word if re-downloading the beta will fix this. Once the public beta goes live you’ll be prompted to download patch 1.2, which will enable the public beta version of your download. The patch will be released worldwide, so players of other regions will not have to wait while others are playing it.

It was reported last month on the PS Blog that something was being planned for PS+ members, and Dylan has now confirmed that they will be granted early access along side with those who bought Uncharted 3 or were apart of the Private Beta However, if your someone who doesn’t meet any of qualifications stated above, then you’ll have to wait a while as the public Beta won’t be available to everyone for quite some time.

As requested, those who are familiar with the old style of Warhawk gameplay will be pleased to know that Classic Arcade flight-mode  will be returning in the latest update. Though there are concerns, we won’t fully know how well the Classic controls will fair against the new controls. As always, the team will continue to follow players of the public Beta and take the feedback to apply it in potential future patches. Dylan says that the Public Beta will have plenty of updates and also stating that the Public Beta isn’t the final build of the game.