Starhawk Patch 1.02 Now Live, Brings Stability To The Network

Today, LightBoxInteractive deployed a brand new Starhawk patch. The patch is aimed to fix some network connection issues along with adding new network tools and fixing certain bugs.

The official patch notes:

  • Fixed for the prominent Crashes & Locks
  • Added automated network disconnect error-reporting
  • Fixed missing sound FX for when missiles are dodged
  • Fixed XP display for players already at the first-tier level cap of 50
  • Fixed Server-List so it can scroll properly and display the full-set of global games
  • Fixed texture paging bug that sometimes caused a blank Uplink
  • Fixed the Sweet-Tooth’s awesome butcher’s blade accessory
  • Fixed the bug causing only 4 players to be allowed into your Homeworld
  • Fixed bug that caused the Clan Leader board to scroll incorrectly
  • Fixed Server-List filter on full games to work properly

LightBox Interactive have also said that they are working on another balancing patch along with voice issues. You can expect to hear more news on this patch sometime next week.

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