Starhawk – Welcome to the Beta, New Map Coming in Patch 1.3, and More

LightBox Interactive is readying up Starhawk for a full open beta later today, some new information regarding patch 1.3, a new vehicle, and much more.

Later today, everyone with access to the PSN will be able to download the official Starhawk beta off the PlayStation Store. Previously, the beta was only open to those who had a PSN voucher code from either winning it or receiving the code from Uncharted 3. You’ll also be able to discuss current bugs and issues with the beta at the official Starhawk Beta Forums. And, please remember that this is a BETA, it does not represent the final product of the game.

Beta Patch 1.3’s release date is still unknown, but LightBox Entertainment recently stated that the patch will go live “when we are happy with it”. In this update you can expect plenty of bug fixes that are currently being reported on the forums along with a brand new multiplayer map called The Planet Dust. This brand new map will feature massive 32 players fight.

Down below are some screen shots of the new map.  

Video preview showcasing the new map and vehicle.

[youtube id=”0QQDZIvW9Ds” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Also, on Starhawk’s facebook page,  LightBox clarifed, “for those of you the got Twisted Metal…the Starhawk Sweet Tooth skin will not work in the Starhawk Beta. Its only for the full retail game.” So, expect the code to go live sometimes in May when Starhawk launches.

Since the Beta will now be open to everybody, expect to hear more news in the coming weeks including patch notes, impressions, and even new videos. Till then, I’ll see you all online.

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