Starship Troopers Extermination Update 0.3.0 for June 22 Brings New Map and More

Starship Troopers Extermination Update 0.3.0

Developer Offworld Industries has released Starship Troopers Extermination update 0.3.0 this June 22, and this adds a new mode, a load of gameplay adjustments and more. Everything new is detailed in the official patch notes below.

Starship Troopers Extermination Update 0.3.0 for June 22 Patch Notes:


  • The Fuel Depot in southern Valaka is a new industrial map location to build bases at and defend. Both the AAS and ARC modes may include this map location. Situated at the edge of a cliff and overlooking a valley along its north face, the Fuel Depot presents a logistical challenge. Players will need to make sure they don’t get backed into a corner when the Bugs arrive.
  • New Base Construction: Twin Machine Gun Emplacement
    • A manned heavy machine gun base construction that can be mounted in bases or on other base constructions. Players will need to work together to keep it operational as it takes damage while being fired.
      • Developer Note: We’re eager for feedback on how this new weapon feels, specifically its health and repair mechanic.
  • New Gameplay: Mutators
    • Presenting a variety of buffs, debuffs, and global conditions, Mutators dramatically change the battlefield. Each AAS or ARC match above Recruit (Easy) difficulty will have up to three Mutators applied to it. These Mutator sets deliver a unique challenge and counter combo while others offer alternate stories and atmosphere – some may even provide a relief from the ruthless intensity of Valaka!
    • There are two types of Mutators. Certain Mutators affect XP gain depending on how much challenge they add.
      • Arachnid Mutators provide the Arachnids with an increase in one stat and most add a decrease in another or alter the frequency and composition of Arachnid encounters and events.
        • Arachnid Rush: Increased Arachnid movement speed, decreased Arachnid health.
        • Arachnid Resilience: Increased Arachnid health, decreased Arachnid movement speed.
        • Arachnid Fury: Increased Arachnid attack speed.
        • Elite Arachnids: Increased Arachnid damage, decreased Arachnid movement speed.
        • Arachnid Packs: Proximity-triggered Arachnid groups.
        • We Got Bugs!: An Arachnid infestation spawns at the start of the match.
        • Bugs Inbound!: An Arachnid infestation spawns in the middle of the match.
        • Ambushes: Sudden spawns of Arachnid groups near Troopers.
        • Increased Patrols: More Arachnid packs spawn.
        • Patrol Disruption: Fewer Arachnid packs spawn.
        • Double Threat!: All infestation level increases are doubled.
        • Threat Level Maximum!: Match starts at infestation level 5.
        • Threat Level Caution!: Match starts at infestation level 3.
      • Scenario Mutators affect the story of the match by altering Troopers, the environment, and the flow of missions.
        • Sandstorms: Mobile weather events that severely reduce visibility.
        • Low Gravity: Trooper jumps are higher and falling is slower.
        • Integrated Health Stims: Troopers regenerate some health every 2 seconds.
        • Reviving Disabled: Troopers are unable to revive (medical supply shortage).
        • Martyr: Troopers explode on being downed and can respawn immediately.
        • Scan Blade: Melee attacking an Arachnid scans it (scan grenade effect).
        • CM-48 Nightstar Field Test: Trooper knives replaced with tactical maces that sweep and stun Arachnids in an arc.
        • Explosive Mace: Trooper knives replaced with maces that explode Arachnids on attack.
        • Build Tool Malfunction: Reduces build tool speed.
        • Integrated Utility Fabricators: Slowly replenishes utilities.
  • New Servers: APAC Region
    • Military Intelligence has heard the requests to improve the connection to Valaka for our Troopers stationed around the globe. We are pleased to share that new servers have been added for Asia East, Asia Southeast, and Australia Southeast and will be online when this update goes live!
  • Extraction Phase
    • Added entrance and exit notifications and communication graphics to the extraction area inside the dropship.
      (Community Sourced)
    • Added “Onboard X/16” to the interface during the extraction phase.
      (Community Sourced)
    • Players can no longer fall out of the dropship when it’s in flight by jumping near the ramp door.
      (Community Sourced)
    • Dropship turrets now correctly target Bugs.
    • Improved dropship visibility in night maps. (The pilot learned how to turn on the floodlights.)
  • Reduced refinery cooldown to 4 seconds.
  • When attacked, Bugs now move in the direction away from the damage source instead of staggering backwards from the direction they’re facing.
  • Streamlined the tutorial by removing the second refinery.
  • Added mission information to the after action report.
  • Reduced Gunner Bug damage.
    (Community Sourced)
  • Reduced XP gain from rearms, revives, and heals.
  • Removed XP gain from self-support actions.
  • Smoothed jittery movement when trying to fire while sprinting.
  • Respawn camera now spectates selected spawn location by default.
  • Added sound effects to dust and rockfall effects.
  • Bugs should no longer spawn inside terrain or buildings.
Classes & Loadouts
  • Operator
    • Ability now heals nearby Troopers upon activation.
    • Decreased ability duration.
    • Increased ability cooldown.
  • Weapon and equipment unlock progression has been adjusted to better match class identity.
  • Trooper models are now better lit in Loadout screens.
Weapon Balance
  • Morita MK1
    • Increased damage.
    • Decreased damage dropoff to optimize for mid-to-long range combat.
    • Reduced initial bullet spread.
    • Increased bullet spread gain while hipfiring.
    • Increased bullet spread recovery rate.
  • Morita MK3 SAW
    • Decreased damage.
      • Developer Note: This change still results in an overall buff to the weapon from its other adjustments.
    • Decreased damage dropoff to optimize for short-to-mid range combat.
      (Community Sourced)
    • Increased rounds per mag to 200 (from 150).
      (Community Sourced)
    • Increased magazine carry capacity to 3 (from 2).
      (Community Sourced)
    • Updated ADS to use iron sights.
    • Greatly reduced horizontal recoil while hipfiring.
    • Reduced vertical recoil while hipfiring.
    • Reduced bullet spread while crouching or aiming down sight (ADS).
    • Increased bullet spread while moving or standing.
  • TW-202-L Morita Hawkeye
    • Decreased damage.
    • Decreased rate of fire.
    • Increased bullet spread while moving or hipfiring.
    • Decreased spread and deviation while crouched or aiming down sight (ADS).
    • Increased bullet velocity for more accuracy at range.
    • Bullet trajectory now lines up with the reticle correctly.
  • TW-109-E Emancipator
    • Increased rate of fire.
    • Increased bullet spread per shot and while moving.
    • Decreased initial bullet spread.
    • Decreased damage dropoff to optimize for mid-to-long range combat.
    • Increased recoil.
      • Developer Note: And we updated the firing animation to match!
  • TW-101-S Peacemaker
    • Increased damage.
    • Slightly increased range.
    • Reduced stagger.
    • Reduced initial bullet spread.
      • Developer Note: Spread will increase with continuous firing.
  • Morita MK1 Carbine
    • Reduced damage.
      • Developer Note: Still kills faster than Morita MK1 at close range.
    • Decreased damage falloff to optimize for short-to-mid range combat.
    • Increased initial bullet spread but rapidly reaches max bullet spread even while moving.
      • Developer Note: Now good for hipfiring and while on the move.
  • C-32 Chi-Hong Grenade Launcher
    • Now applies stun effect to Bugs.
    • Increased crosshair utility and accuracy.
      (Community Sourced)
      • Developer Note: The crosshair should now by default be sighted for 20m range with each bar below counting for an additional 5m.
    • Increased projectile velocity.
      (Community Sourced)
    • Increased minimum spread while hipfiring.
  • Thermo Charge
    • Increased deploy speed.
    • No longer floats above certain surfaces.
  • Proximity Bug Mine
    • Now ignores Drone Bugs.
    • Increased damage radius.
  • Cluster Grenade
    • Increased damage.
    • Increased projectile count.
    • Increased spread range.
  • Shock Grenade
    • Increased damage radius.
  • Hi-EX Grenade
    • Increased damage.
  • Nuclear Det Pack
    • Increased damage.
    • Increased damage radius.
Base Building
  • Added Twin Machine Gun Emplacement blueprint.
  • Updated the build tool placing and repair interface.
    • Developer Note: Improved the build tool interface to increase usability and make switching between place and repair more intuitive.
  • Updated the build grid to represent the snap size of the selected blueprint.
  • Updated build tiles to highlight which tile you are building on.
  • Increased build snap size to 1 tile (from ½ tile) for large blueprints.
  • Greatly reduced build tool unbuild speed.
    (Community Sourced)
  • Players will no longer see they’re in a Build Zone when they are not in a Build Zone.
  • Building multiples of the same blueprint at the same time no longer exceeds its maximum capacity.
  • Generators now are highlighted like other repairable structures.
  • Weapon crates are no longer highlighted when they are not interactable.
Quality of Life Improvements & Bug Fixes
  • Added setting to reduce and disable screen shake.
  • Reduced game client size by 500MB.
  • Disabled warrior Bug sneak ability (they now have audible footsteps).
  • Eradicated the Bug that would sometimes hiss at players prior to the start of a match.
  • Fixed an issue where weapon audio could loop infinitely.
    (Community Sourced)
  • Fixed an issue where automated turrets would sometimes fire into the air instead of at the Bugs.
  • Fixed an issue where the AAS refinery mission voiceover would ignore volume settings.
  • Fixed an issue where players could respawn underneath the map.
    (Community Sourced)
  • Fixed an issue where the audio of distant downed Troopers played as if next to the player.
  • Fixed an issue where unreleased weapons could be viewed (not equipped) in the Loadout screen. Military Intelligence is always watching…
  • Fixed an issue where client connections could timeout on the matchmaking screen, causing error messages and the Trooper model to assume an “A” pose.
  • Fixed an issue where audio stuttering could occur during a match.
  • Fixed an issue where players could lose the ability to jump and melee attack after respawn.
  • Fixed an issue where Bugs could float after spawning.
    (Community Sourced)
  • Fixed an issue where Trooper necks would grow to giraffe length on death.
  • Fixed an issue where smoke generated by grenadier Bug projectile impacts could appear cube-shaped.
  • Fixed an issue where rocks and vegetation could crop into the dropship.
  • Fixed an issue where dying during the extraction phase in the tutorial would redirect players to the main menu.
  • Fixed an issue where automatic weapons wouldn’t play their first gunshot sound effect.
  • Fixed an issue where Bastions could hear extra footsteps after they stopped moving.
  • Fixed a game client crash that could occur on respawn.
  • Fixed several collision issues on the map (too many to individually list).
  • Fixed several instances of floating assets on the map.
    (Community Sourced)
  • Implemented a variety of general performance improvements and optimization.

If you haven’t tried the game yet in its early access state, go read our hands-on impressions here. The game’s early access roadmap has also been revealed, too.

Source: Steam

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Austin Stoner
Austin Stoner
2 months ago

A co2 flamethrower and co2 rounds would be badass. Like shoot them once with the round they slow hit them with a volley they freeze in place. Ive got so many ideas of what i want OWI to do if they only implemented 10 percent of them id be happy. Skies the limit with this one! Add incendiary rounds that incinerate (obviously)
A heavy tank bug that can only be killed from the back or in chinks in its armor, armor piercing rounds, Suicide bugs that explode in acid and frenzies the warriors causing them to move faster/deal more damage. Pilotable turrets and mechs. Pulse/electric rounds that shock and bounce from one to another. Secondary modes of fire for most guns. Like the rockets can dumb fire or lock on and all 3 shoot. Grenade shotgun like in unreal tournament. Another class or 2. The brain bug im sure will get added. Hopper bugs, scorpion poisoner bugs. A grappling hook, dismemberment, shields and body armor, I could go on and on.

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