Steam Machines and Steam Controllers Ship to 300 Beta Testers This Friday

Steam Machines and Steam Controllers are about to make the the trip from the factory and into the hands of 300 anxious beta testers.

In an official public update, Valve writes that all 300 beta participants will have received notifications by 2pm PST earlier today that their packages will be leaving the factory this Friday, December 13.


The testers, who will have access to the Steam Machine hardware, the Steam Controller, and the brand new Steam OS software, will provide valuable feedback to the company in preparation for the products’ launch sometime in 2014. In addition, participants will be rewarded a unique badge on their Steam Community profile, as well as a number of games that run natively on SteamOS in their library.

Valve notes that more info about the commercial versions of Steam Machines will be announced during CES this January 6. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to catch some in-home streaming of the beta soon.

Catch each section of Valve’s original three-part reveal below:

Anxious to catch some unboxing videos of the Steam Machine?

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