Steam Summer Sale 2022 Featured Deals Day 1 List

Steam Summer Sale 2022 Featured Deals Final Day

It’s not only Sony that launched a slew of digital discounts on games this week, as the Steam Summer Sale 2022 is now live! MP1st is here to bring you the Steam Summer Sale 2022 Featured Deals day 1 list!

Note that the discounts will remain the same throughout the sale, so you don’t need to wait for a featured deal before you buy a certain game.

Steam Summer Sale 2022 Featured Deals Day 1:

Featured Deals

Jurassic World Evolution 250%29.9934.4942.4729.9924.9954.99W
Sniper Elite 490%5.996.648.495.993.9910.59W
ELEX II33%33.4933.4946.8633.4926.1287.09W
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax25%22.4929.9933.7422.4918.74119.92W
Resident Evil Village50%29.9939.9947.4729.9924.9989.99W
Midnight Ghost Hunt30%13.9915.9520.2613.9910.8426.59W
Prehistoric Kingdom20%23.9927.1934.3619.9919.0346.39W
Dune: Spice Wars20%23.9929.5935.9923.9919.9979.99W
Dead Cells50%12.4914.9917.9712.4910.9923.74W/M/L
New World40%23.9929.9934.1723.9920.9945.29W
HITMAN 360%23.9931.9935.9823.9919.9999.60W
Chivalry 240%23.9926.3934.1721.5921.5945.29W
CHRONO TRIGGER®50%7.499.998.977.495.9924.99W
Prison Architect75%7.498.4910.736.245.9414.49W/M/L
Strange Horticulture30%10.4912.2415.059.449.0920.29W
Titanfall® 284%4.796.396.394.793.9914.24W
Battle Cry of Freedom40%11.9911.9914.9911.998.9922.79W
Expeditions: Rome25%33.7433.7448.7133.7427.7463.74W
Cooking Simulator55%8.9910.2513.027.556.9717.09W
Ember Knights20%11.9915.1916.7911.999.5931.20W
Death’s Door50%9.9911.3914.479.998.3924.97W
Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy70%2.392.693.452.091.734.97W/M/L
Mafia: Definitive Edition60%15.9919.9927.9815.9913.9991.96W
FOR HONOR™60%5.997.999.185.994.9917.99W

We’ll have the deals for tomorrow posted, so sit tight! Keep track of when we post it by bookmarking our deals hub!

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