Stop Shooting! Backgammon – a Different Take on Multiplayer Games

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First-person shooters are by far the most commonly played multiplayer game online. They’re adventurous, entertaining, but the problem is, these types of games have been popular for so long, we’ve already seen it all and done it all. Perhaps it’s time to take a break. 

If you’re tired of FPS games and are looking for some other kind of adventure, you’re in luck. An ancient, strategic board game has entered the digital world and is here to enhance your online gaming experience. 

We’re talking about Backgammon – a game of skill and luck that will reshape the way you think about board games. Have a look. 

An Ancient Game with a Modern Twist 

Backgammon might just be the oldest board game in existence! We can trace its origins back 5000 years in Mesopotamia, and if that doesn’t spark your interest – nothing will. 

The game has been enjoyed by cultures throughout the world, and in its long history, it’s never lost its charm. Millions of people still play it to this day! 

This means that when you start playing free online backgammon, you’ll be joining a huge community. You can join tournaments, take on experienced backgammon masters, hone in your skills, and simply have fun meeting various different people around the globe. 

The best part about taking this board game to the digital world is that you no longer have to organize game nights if you want to enjoy playing it. It’s free and easy to sign up and start playing the game whenever you want, wherever you want. 

FPS Games – Step Aside 

First-person shooters became popular because they offer excitement. You never know what’s going to happen, you don’t know how strong the opponent is, and you could lose at any given moment. While the outcome of these games heavily depends on your skills, there’s also a great deal of luck involved, and it’s basically a gamble every time you log in to play. 

If you enjoy this type of gamble and would like to test both your skills and your luck, but in a different environment, there’s no better way to do this than through some classic casino games enhanced by new tech

Online casino-style games have been popular ever since the invention of the internet. Games like backgammon never go out of style simply because they offer an entirely new and different experience every single time you play them. You’ll never meet the same “boss” twice, and regardless of how good or bad you are at these games, the outcome is always uncertain. You need a strategy, but you also need luck on your side. 

Taking Multiplayer to the Next Level 

If you’re competitive and enjoy the adrenaline rush of beating various opponents and enhancing your skill levels, you’ll love playing online backgammon. The more you play the better you’ll become, and with millions of players in the community, you can take on any opponent anytime.

When it comes to FPS multiplayer games, there’s one main thing that makes them inconvenient – you can’t pause them. This means that you have to set plenty of time aside if you want to play them, you never know if it’ll take you minutes or hours to finish. 

With backgammon and similar games, this isn’t a problem. You can enjoy this multiplayer game whenever you want. Individual backgammon games are usually short, so you can play them during your lunch break, while you’re waiting in line, even while you’re in the restroom. Convenience and fun above all. 

Adventure from the Comfort of Your Home 

Backgammon and other magnetic games have a lot to offer. You might imagine them as quiet, peaceful games, but in reality, they’re actually thrilling and adventurous. 

Those who love exciting games full of twists and turns won’t be disappointed. Classic 1-on-1 style games are great if you need to relax, but tournaments will get your adrenaline going. Take on up to 8 opponents to test your skills, or play in the Nitro mode if you want to enjoy a fast-paced environment. Playing in the Race mode allows you to test your skills by completing increasingly difficult scenarios. 

There’s never a dull moment here, and you can enjoy these amazing games from the comfort of your home. 


Online backgammon gives you excitement and adventure. It’s free to play, and once you start, you’ll be hooked. Join millions of other people in this community and enjoy this thrilling multiplayer game.

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