Straight Shooting: MP1st Changes to Look Forward to Soon

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Hey all,

In case some readers didn’t know, MP1st was revived late last year by some of the old staff, myself, and Mack Ashworth. We aimed to provide the latest multiplayer news, in-depth reviews of multiplayer games and even gaming peripherals that differ from other sites since we’re, we’ll, better gamers than most reviewers.

While there’s a new Battlefield game coming later this year, and there’s Black Ops 4 (BOIIII) from Treyarch already confirmed, there are months where it’s really thin in terms of multiplayer gaming news, rumors and more. Having said that, MP1st (Multiplayer 1st), will start reviewing select single-player games starting next month, and even (maybe) post some single-player news from time to time. Note that we’re doing this type of coverage for AAA titles that we think every kind of gamer should play, and chances are, we’ll be playing ourselves, too.

Now, before anyone violently reacts, we won’t be changing the site’s overall direction; we’re still going to focus on multiplayer games, multiplayer news, reviews and more. Just don’t be surprised to see a single-player game being reported on or reviewed from time to time, alright?

Also of note: we’re going to try hard to dive in to more guides since our data shows this is one of the main things our readers wants.

We’re still a niche site, but we’re just widening our scope a bit in terms of content, which should be a win-win scenario for all given we won’t compromise any of our news, reviews and coverage.

Sounds good? If you think otherwise or have suggestions, let us know via email (, or by leaving a comment below.

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