Stray Xbox Versions ESRB Rating Surfaces

stray xbox

Cat lovers on Xbox platforms will soon be able to play BlueTwelve Studio’s fantastic Stray, as an (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) ESRB rating for the game has surfaced online.

The Stray Xbox ESRB rating is for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S versions and has the following summary:

Rating Summary
This is an adventure game in which players assume the role of a stray cat trying to escape a mysterious city. From a third-person perspective, players traverse alleyways, rooftops, and rooms while solving puzzles and interacting with robotic inhabitants. Players sometimes encounter parasitic blobs/mice-like bots that can attack and kill the cat. Players can access a UV light to defeat the mice-like bots, causing them to explode and emit splashes of colored liquid.

While the summary itself is nothing new, the fact that it’s tagged for Xbox is. This means that we should be getting an announcement for it soon.

Released last year, Stray proved to be not just adorable but as a fantastic game as well. In our review, we said, “Stray knows exactly what it wants to be and delivers on that premise flawlessly. Despite the game’s short duration, it leaves a strong impact, and it doesn’t overstay its welcome.”

Given it was part of PlayStation Plus’ free games, could this be headed to Game Pass? I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

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