Street Fighter V Currently Down for Maintenance, Here’s When It’s Coming Back Up

street fighter 5 update 3.12

If you’re looking forward to kicking ass and taking names online in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, then you’ll have to wait a few more hours. Currently, Street Fighter V is down for some much-needed maintenance, and it’ll be up at 12 p.m. PT.

The reason for this hours-long downtime? Capcom has rolled out a big 12GB download for the original game that adds the Arcade Edition tweaks! In case you didn’t know what’s in it, check it out here, and yes, it’s a big patch.

Thanks to the fine folks at the Street Fighter subreddit, you can see when the servers should be back up in real-time right here. We’re just two hours and 20 minutes away from the servers being back up at the time of this writing, so it’s not that long now.

Once it’s back up, we’ll update the post.

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