Street Fighter 5 Wraps Up its Final Season and Adds Luke to the Roster on November 29

Street Fighter 5 Update 3.10

Prepare to experience the final round of Capcom’s prized brawler, as Street Fighter 5 wraps up its final season and adds Luke to the roster on November 29 — bringing an end to nearly six years of updates for this fighting game sequel!

Here’s a look at Luke in action with a mirror match displaying just how this MMA styled fighter plays!

As shown in the SF5 Fall Update presentation, Luke was finally given the long awaited gameplay showcase fans have waited for — highlighting his aggressive fighting style and hard hitting moves that set up a lot of combo possibilities and potential that make this fighter someone to watch out for. Looking like a cross between Ken Masters, Ed, Tekken’s Steve Fox, and even WWE wrestler and actor John Cena thanks to one of his alternate outfits, Luke’s style is all power and ruthless aggression — with his punches packing a wallop and a lot of emphasis on closing in to take the fight to his opponents. He’s got some target combos at his disposal, and his move Flash Knuckle is something players will use constantly as he builds up charge and applies some devastating hits to other fighters at the receiving end. V-Skills are called Hard Shot and Suppressor, and each have their effective uses in providing some pretty neat combo possibilities and damage for this final addition to the SF5 roster!

Luke will serve as the final fighter DLC for Street Fighter 5 as Season 5 ends and the developers move forward to a new project — which will hopefully be Street Fighter 6! Until then, look forward to the new DLC fighter’s inclusion in SF5 when he becomes available starting on November 29!

If you missed the SF5 Fall Update livestream presentation, you can watch it again here.

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