Super Animal Royale Super Edition Xbox Giveaway

Super Animal Royale Update 1.05

In case you missed the news, the highly popular battle royale game, Super Animal Royal launched earlier this month as part of the Xbox Game Preview program. While the title is still a work in-progress, the early response from it’s community has been overly positive as developers Pixile delivers on a unique take at the battle royale genre with its adorable, yet bloodthirsty critters. To celebrate, we have teamed up with studio Pixile for our next giveaway!

What is Super Animal Royale?

You’re probably wondering, what the heck is Super Animal Royale? The short of it, it’s a 2D top-down, 64-player Battle Royale where you play as a murderous animal who can wield katanas, machine guns, and so much more! They may be adorable to look at, but they are by no means angels as they lust for a blood-covered battlefield.

Key Features

  • Survival of the Fittest: Scavenge a variety of powerful weapons, armor and items to become the apex predator in intense 64-player online matches.
  • The Superest World: Explore a massive, beautifully illustrated 2D island and discover its hidden lore, by chatting with its inhabitants and scouring its rich environments for clues.
  • Different Stripes for Different Fights: Collect hundreds of animal breeds and customize them with thousands of cosmetic items, weapons, outfits, and even umbrellas!
  • Evolving Events & Updates: Enjoy an endless stampede of new content, including seasonal outfits, animals, and weapons to collect.
  • The Fast and the Furriest: Flatten your foes while rolling dirty in a Hamster Ball, or mount a Giant Emu and peck your way to the promised land.

While yes, Super Animal Royale is currently free-to-play, the game does offer a “Super Edition” that is packed with a number of cosmetics and other cool perks. Down below you’ll find a full breakdown of what exactly you can win from our giveaway!

What’s included in the Super Animal Royale Super Edition?

Super Perks:

  • 1000 S.A.W. Tickets (premium currency used to purchase Super Animal Passes as well as premium cosmetic items from the S.A.W. Shop)
  • 2x Carl Coin drop rate (earned currency that is redeemable for cosmetic items)
  • 115 and growing set of Super Milestone cosmetic items to earn in-game by completing milestones.

4 Super Animal Breeds:

  • Super Hellfire Fox
  • Super Splash Bear
  • Super Leaf Skullcat
  • Super Thunder Tiger

10 Cosmetic Items:

  • SARturday Night Fever Emote
  • Maid Outfit
  • School Uniform (Boy)
  • School Uniform (Girl)
  • Black Triangle Shades
  • 3D Glasses
  • Swordfish Melee Weapon
  • Lollipop Melee Weapon
  • Pink Cowboy Hat
  • Lightbulb (Hat)

How Do I Enter the Super Animal Royale Super Edition Xbox Giveaway?

It’s very easy! All you have to do it give the MP1st Twitter a follow and like and/or retweet our giveaway tweet, which you can find below! Keys are very limited and winners will be selected at random.

We’ve been playing Super Animal Royale ourselves, and can only say that this is one battle royale you don’t want top miss out on. We will have our full impression of the the title at a later date.

Oh, and for you PlayStation gamers out there, know that the game will be hitting the PS4 and PS5 later this year!

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