Dying Light 2 to Have a “Huge Online Component” According to Techland

dying light multiplayer

With Dying Light 2 officially being announced at this year’s E3, players should expect more than just zombies this time around. While there’s no Dying Light 2 multiplayer details out yet, the game will have some sort of online component it seems.

In an interview with YouTuber Rocket Beans, Lead Designer Tymon Smektala confirmed that Dying Light 2 will have a huge online component, though they’re not ready to talk details just yet. Just in case anyone’s wondering, nope, it’s not battle royale or anything of the sort. the studio has Dying Light: Bad Blood for that.

So, we’re not talking much about multiplayer at gamescom or at E3, but we have a very huge surprise for the players. It’s not a battle royale, so don’t ask, but there’s a huge online component to the game, and I think that’s everything I can talk about this moment. Sorry, guys!

Smektala talks about it roughly around the 17:20 mark in the video.

Huge online component? Maybe it’s a sandbox shared world with PvE and PvP multiplayer? One can hope, no? What do you want to see in Dying Light 2’s online component? Let us know what you think down in the comments.

Source: Rocket Beans (YouTube) via WCCFTech

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