Metal Gear’s Solid Snake Is Entering the Tekken 7 Roster, Watch the Teaser Clip (Update)

Tekken 7 Update 4.02 January 19


Well, apparently, this was a screw up by the EVO organizers. Here’s their tweet which kills that entire Solid Snake thing:

Apparently, none at the event had the foresight to see these things, but what can you do?

In other words, Snake is not coming to Tekken and this is a stunt for god knows what.

Original Story:

During today’s EVO 19 Grand Finals for Tekken 7, a surprise has been unleashed by Bandai Namco, and it really is out of left field. It seems Solid Snake — yes, from Konami’s Metal Gear Solid franchise — will be part of the Tekken 7 roster!

Twitter user MTLSaiyan posted what transpired over at EVO where the familiar codec screen popped up, with Snake sayiing, That was some Good Aris, Tekken.” You can watch it for yourself below.

What’s even more interesting here is, the people over at r/Games are saying that this announcement wasn’t supposed to be announced yet, since the announcers kept talking about a sound but wouldn’t tell the livestream audience.

tekken 7 solid snake

Surprised at this reveal? I know I am. Let’s hope we get a proper gameplay trailer soon! Stay tuned for more EVO news coming out tonight here on MP1st.

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3 years ago

Well F you EVO

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