Tekken 7 Update 3.01 Patch Notes – Here’s What’s in Today’s Patch

tekken 7 update 2.01

Bandai Namco has released a new Tekken 7 update today, and we have the list of changes! Tekken 7 update 3.01 patch notes are now available, bringing over some character fixes.

The official patches notes can be found below, along with additional details found via steam page. Update 3.01 can now be downloaded on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC

Improvements of game stability | PS4 – Xbox One – Steam

  • This update includes the improvement of stability of the game.
  • Fixed Various Bugs (PS4 Patch Notes)

On the games official Steam page it makes a note of what some of these bug changes were, which you can find below.
Character Command Adjustment

  • Eliza Fixed an issue where the range of the attack was not as intended.
  • Lee Fixed an issue where the behavior of opponent that was counter hit while crouching was not as
  • Julia Fixed an issue where damage did not increase when throwing during rage mode.
  • Zafina Fixed an issue where opponent’s counter attack often went through Zafina without hitting.
  • Zafina Fixed an issue where hit box was bigger than intended.

There may be other changes not listed above, as we ourselves had to dig for the changes since the official web page didn’t display anything other than stability changes.

Tekken 7 is currently on season 3, and if you missed it update 3.00 brought a ton of changes to the game. You can read up on all the details on update 3.00 here. And be on the look out for more Tekken 7 news as we cover the new character dropping sometimes this Winter.

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