Tekken 7 Update 4.10 March 22 Kicks Out for DLC18/DLC19 Data (Update 2)

Tekken 7 Update 4.10 March 22

As expected given the announcement yesterday, Bandai Namco Entertainment has released the Tekken 7 update 4.10 March 22 patch and this is primarily to deliver the DLC18 (Lidia Sobieska) and DLC19 (Island Paraside). Note that the DLC content will be accessible tomorrow, March 23, even if the data is out today, which is standard practice for most DLC roll outs.

Tekken 7 Update 4.10 March 22 Patch Notes:

Update 2: We’ve added the fighter adjustments changes (translation via Reddit)!

Update:  Here are the general changes made so far, with the fighter adjustments coming in later once they’ve been translated. Julia and Steve got nerfed confirmed.

Fixed some character’s skill performance PS4® Xbox One STEAM®

Please see the update below for details. Also, please see here for the details of past skill adjustments .

* Due to the correction of the character’s skill performance, replays saved in the previous version can no longer be played.

PLAYER MATCH enhancements PS4® Xbox One STEAM®

Added a function (auto skip function) to automatically skip your turn to the menu in SESSION ROOM.
Added the function to display the combination of battles and the result of the battle in the chat.

Added illustrations to GALLERY PS4® Xbox One STEAM®

A new illustration has been added to [Tekken 7] of GALLERY.

Improved overall game stability PS4® Xbox One STEAM®

Some bugs in the system part have been fixed.

We are expecting fighter-related adjustments to be included in the patch, though Bandai Namco Entertainment has not released the official changelog just yet. However, we do have the gameplay reveal for Lidia which you can check out below.

Lidia Sobieska, joins the TEKKEN 7 ranks on March 23rd!

After the #Tekken​ Force arrived into parts of Poland, the Polish citizens cried out for a stronger leader and Lidia answered that call! Players can also look forward to battles under the sunshine and palm trees with the new Island Paradise stage! Are you ready for the next battle?

We’re expecting the fighter changes to be revealed later today, and we’ll update the post once we have more info, so stay tuned!

Update: We’ve update the post to reflect the fighter changes included in today’s patch roll out.

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