Telltale Games Closing Down, Issues Letter to Fans

telltale games reopening

While MP1st is first and foremost, a multiplayer-centric website about video games, we do like to play story-driven games from time to time. And if that’s what you were looking for, there was no one who did it better than Telltale Games, the studio behind The Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, and lots more.

Unfortunately, we’re here to report on some bad news. Over on Twitter, Telltale Games announced that the studio is shutting down.

It’s a bummer to read that the studio is closing down to their games under-selling. Let’s hope a publisher buys them out, or at the very least, hires some of the people that the studio let go. We need more studios like Telltale Games that didn’t rely on copying the latest trend or genre, and sad to say, narrative-driven games are a dying breed, though they don’t need to be.

We salute you, Telltale Games! Let’s hope everyone laid off gets back on their feet ASAP.

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