Texas Chain Saw Massacre Stutter and Frame Rate Drops Fix Outlined

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Update 1.000.003

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is going to release today, August 18, 2023 and there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the new asymmetrical horror game from Gun Interactive. However, those on PC who encounter some of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre stutter (or frame rate drops) issues, you’ll be glad to know the devs are aware of this and have outlined a fix.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Stutter and Frame Rate Drops Fix:

If you notice any performance symptoms try the following:

  • Lower graphic preset settings from Ultra to High or lower. You can find this by selecting Options and then select the Video tab.
  • Upscaling is a feature of specific graphic cards and can be used to render graphics at a lower resolution but scale it upwards to your target resolution with little loss in visual fidelity. This option will be available for Nvidia Geforce RTX cards and specific AMD cards viewable here.
  • Check for updates for your graphic card.
  • Verify the integrity of your game files.

You can read more about The Texas Chain Saw Massacre metagame to be prepared for the best performance both in a Victim or Family role, and our exclusive Texas Chain Saw Massacre interview dives deep into the game’s development, the absence of bots, and the potential for crossovers.

Of course, if you aren’t decided yet, go read our review of it here where we state, “It’s not a flawless game, but the anguish and thrills that it conveys are almost one of a kind, delivered with confidence and brutality to match the source. This is one for horror aficionados and everyone else who likes a good old-fashioned game of murderer cat, and stealthy mouse.”

Source: Texas Chain Saw Support

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