The Ascent Update 1.04 Out for Save Data Backup This April 19

the ascent update 1.04

Neon Giant Games has released The Ascent update 1.04 (PS5 version 1.004) April 19 patch today, and this one is for a specific fix on PlayStation consoles that adds a save data backup! Check out the full The Ascent April 19 update patch notes below.

The Ascent Update 1.04 Patch Notes | The Ascent Update 1.004 Patch Notes | The Ascent April 19 Update Patch Notes:

Here are the patch notes, released by Neon Giant Games via Twitter:

Indents on PlayStation, our latest Patch is now live.

Patch Notes:

Enabled save data backup creation and restore in case of save data corruption.

That’s it for the latest patch. In case you missed it, here are the latest patch notes for The Ascent over on PC:

  • Fixed an issue where purchased items from the various Vendors would not show for Client Players.
  • Fixed an issue where the title takes a noticeably long time to recognize that the Player has left the lobby, which could prevent a Client Player problems trying to rejoin.
  • Fixed a potential crash after triggering the “Photomode” button and disconnecting the controller at the same time.
  • We fixed a number of stability issues around controller disconnections that could happen at various points.
  • Fixed a potential issue where Players could get trapped inside a small area next to the elevator in corpZone.
  • Resolved an issue in Local Co-op where a soft-lock could potentially happen if multiple interactions were triggered at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where a Client Player NPC dialogue is progressed by the Host Player clicking next in a dialogue with an entirely different character.
  • Fixed some general stability issues in NG+.
  • Resolved an issue in NG+ Online Co-op where currently equipped weapons are not shown in the Player’s HUD for Clients after the cutscene.
  • Fixed the issue where the animation of hammer hitting the ground of Hammerhand Larkians was missing.
  • Fixed some NG+ Tutorial display issues.
  • Minor camera fix in the Silo 86 area where the Player view could be cut off at the bottom of the screen.
  • Fixed a number of minor collision issues that could happen when using certain Augmentations.
  • Fixed a number of minor general collision issues.

Stay tuned for future updates on The Ascent here on MP1st!

Source: Twitter

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