The Callisto Protocol Post-Launch Plans Include 4 Years of Support; Striking Distance Investing in DLC

The Callisto Protocol post-launch

While Striking Distance Studios’ The Callisto Protocol hasn’t seen the light of retail just yet, it looks like would-be players have a lot of content to chew after finishing the game. The studio has confirmed that The Callisto Protocol post-release plans involve a four-year plan.

Speaking to TrueTrophies at gamescom, Striking Distance CTO Mark James was asked whether The Callisto Protocol would be getting DLC, to which James replied with:

We view this as a full-service title and we will be investing in DLC. We’re looking at four years of support after release.

When pressed what potential DLC the game might get post-launch, no specifics were given, though James confirms they have left the world “expandable.”

“We’ve left the world expandable. We’ve created a world that can tell different stories, and so we can either tell those stories either through DLC, or we could actually tell those stories through subsequent products. We’ve left those open”

In the same interview, James shared Striking Distance chief Glen Schofield’s sentiment that The Callisto Protocol is seen as a franchise and not just a one-off game. 

Hopefully, the story itself in the game feels complete and finished, even if DLC and sequels are planned after it. For more on the game, check out the latest gameplay trailer released at gamescom, which runs on next-gen!

The Callisto Protocol will be be released on December 2, and will crawl out for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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