The Division 2 Bravo 09 Issue Plaguing Xbox One Gamers Right Now, Ubisoft Aware of Issue

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For The Division 2 players on Xbox One, it seems there’s an issue happening right now with the game’s servers. Players are reporting a The Division 2 Bravo 09 problem happening right now, which states, “Sorry, the required Xbox Live services are unreachable at this time. Please check your network settings and try again.”

We’ve outlined a quick fix for Bravo 09 problems right here, which might work, so give it a go.

Over on the Ubisoft forums, the publisher has indicated that this is an issue with Xbox, and not Ubisoft per se.

UPDATE: Xbox teams are currently working on this issue. Details can be found below: 

Hello everyone. We’re aware of an issue currently affecting connectivity on Xbox One and are working towards resolving this. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience. Please be sure to check this thread for future updates. Thanks

In other The Division 2 news, here’s the latest patch (server-side) released by Ubisoft along with the patch notes. Don’t forget, we won’t be getting any State of the Game livestreams anytime soon as well.

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