The Division 2 Crossplay for Consoles Most Likely Not Happening Anytime Soon; Season 2 Discussed

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With more and more games incorporating crossplay between PC and coonsoles for multiplayer games, players of The Division 2 might be hoping to see The Division 2 crossplay implemented soon. It seems that won’t be happening anytime soon.

In the latest State of the Game devstream, the developers mentioned that while Stadia and PC crossplay is available now, this isn’t something that will likely happen for consoles anytime soon as the game was not made with crossplay in mind, so the task of making this a reality would be quite big.

In the same discussion, Ubisoft Massive talked about Season 1 feedback and what plans they have for Season 2.

Season 1 Wrap Up

The four Manhunt Targets are now available and you can also unlock Jupiter and get the EMP Sticky Bomb.

The last encounter against Jupiter is in a reworked Roosevelt Island mission and you will not only hear, what exactly Jupiter’s goals are but also face some new challenges, that are new to The Division.

The Mission is replayable and you can select it on the mission like when it is invaded.

Once Season 1 is over, you can unlock the mission again, after progressing a specific amount of levels in Season 2 and then it will be permanently available. This is also how you get the EMP Sticky Skill when you have not finished the Seasonal Manhunt. So it should stay around like a “legacy mission”.

Season 1 ends on June 1st.

With TU9.1 You can buy Season Levels from the store for 100 Premium Credits and finish the reward track that way if you had not the time to finish the Season Levels.

This will also be the case for Season 2.

Season 2 Discussion

There has been a lot of feedback about Season 1.

  • One thing they are looking at the ratio of things that you can do solo and things that don’t work so well solo.
  • They are also looking into Global Event progression what advances you on the Reward Track and what not when you play solo or in a group. (Things like Kills should be competitive but some things should be shared. But as it turned out, some of those functions were bugged) They will address some of these issues with the next Guardians GE.

Since TU10 should be as stable as possible, the PTS will be the focus, so they currently have no specific date when Season 2 starts.

In essence, the PTS will decide when Season 2 will launch – if they find a lot of issues, Season 2 will start later.

The Season Pass for Season 2 (unlocks Premium Reward Track – the Season itself is included in WONY) will also be purchasable in the Store.

That’s a bummer for those expecting The Division 2 crossplay. Given how the publisher has no current plans to bring the game to next-gen, that also shots down any hope for PS5 to Xbox Series X crossplay for that version of the game.

Don’t forget to check out The Division 2 Title Update 9.1 changes which was introduced earlier today.

Source: Reddit

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