The Division 2 Episode 3 Content Listed, New Raid Won’t Be Included

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Agents, Ubisoft Massive just did their first State of the Game developer stream for The Division 2! Since it’s the start of the new year, there’s a bunch of stuff touched upon by the studio, chief among which are bug fixes, known issues, and The Division 2 Episode 3 content outline.

Set to drop this February (no definite date yet), Episode 3 will be free for everyone, and will once again come with bug fixes, gameplay changes, and of course, new content.

The Division 2 Episode 3 content:

  • 2 New Main Missions
  • 2 Classified Assignments for Year 1 Pass owners
  • 1 New Specialization (no information as of now) – Instant unlock for Year 1 Pass owners
  • New Exotic Weapon that (among other things) adapts its color to the environment. (Image)

Note that Ubisoft has confirmed that the new Raid will not be part of Episode 3. And for those hoping to catch their first bite of the gameplay changes via the PTS (Private Test Server) for Episode 3, that won’t be happening. Ubisoft has mentioned that they are doing this to avoid spoiling new missions for the players, and also, no balancing changes are planned for this update, so there’s really nothing to test.

Aside from that,Ubisoft has also outlined some of the bugs the studio is aware of, this include invisible walls, shotguns in PvP, and more.

Priority Alerts


There was maintenance on Tuesday that introduced the Legacy Caches into the game. More about them in the paragraph below. In short, the new Legacy Caches can be bought with money, they have a limited amount of items and they have no duplicates. They can’t be earned in-game.

Known Issues

Raid Leaderboards

There is a situation with the Raid Leaderboards where players found a way to beat the raid faster than it supposed to be. That shows on the leaderboards. This is something they are looking at and since the players are listed on the leaderboards, it gives them something to work with. Depending on the investigation, they will look into if they can be removed from the leaderboards.

Raid Activity Summary

There are issues with the Raid Activity Summary that the results are not listed correctly. They are working on a solution and they will probably remove the summary for now until it is fixed.

Invisible Walls

There has been a lot of investigation into the reported invisible walls, that players encounter in the open world. This basically has to do with streaming from the hard drive that loads the data that is displayed on the screen. Depending on how fast (or slow) that hard drive is, it can become a bottleneck and that in essence leads to the invisible walls when the map is not fully loaded yet. That has been identified and they are working on solutions that should be delivered asap.

Shotguns in PVP

They know that the shotguns are an issue in PVP and they will address it in Episode 3.

Enemies stuck in Spawns

They know about this issue and it should be addressed in Episode 3.

For those looking forward to this month’s State of the Game presentations, Ubisoft has also given a roadmap of what will be discussed this month.

  • Next week (Item Stats and RNG – UI Changes)
  • Two weeks (Recalibration, Inventory and Stats Management)
  • Three Weeks (Episode 3 Content and Specialization)

Once we know when The Division 2 Episode 3 will be out, we’ll be sure to announce it.

Source: Reddit