The Division 2 Expertise & Conflict Compensation Rolled Out, Materials Cap Raised

the division 2 update 1.51

Those who got annoyed at the Expertise bug that surfaced in The Division 2 with the recent updates, rejoice! Ubisoft is dishing out a The Division 2 Expertise and Conflict compensation program that starts today! Players will see new cache for materials drop for them, adn what’s more, material caps for specific items have been raised too!

The Division 2 Expertise & Conflict Compensation Details:

Here’s the message from Ubisoft:

We are happy to announce that the Expertise & Conflict rollback compensation containing Blue, Green and Grey materials as well as Field Recon Data, Printer Filaments, SHD Calibration and Exotic materials is on the way!  We have calculated precisely how many levels each agent lost and are compensating accordingly by granting 1 cache for every 20 levels lost. These caches contain everything you need to level one item up to 20. This number is also rounded up so if you lost 25 levels, we grant you two caches.

To ensure everyone have space for the materials, we have raised the caps on:

  • Printer Filaments, Protective Fabric, Receiver Components, Polycarbonate, Ceramics, Steel, Carbon Fiber, Titanium, Electronics to 9999.
  • Field Recon and SHD Calibration to 1000.
  • Exotic Components to 999.

This was done for this Expertise & Conflict compensation rollout specifically, but you can expect an increase of the cap for all the crafting and optimisation materials in the future as part of our mission to implement continuing quality of life improvements.  The material caches will be delivered to your inboxes today Thursday, June 9th.  Please bear in mind that if the inbox limit is exceeded, additional caches will be put in a queue and will be added to your inbox when there is space.   WARNING: Even though we are raising the cap do not attempt to open all caches simultaneously — once you hit the cap the excess materials will be lost.   Instead, we would recommend you open a couple at a time then spend your materials, as you will reach the cap fast.

Don’t forget, there’s a patch that went live today as well, which you can read about here.

Source: Ubisoft forums

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